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Gold Contractors Accountancy Package

Gold Contractors Accountancy Package

We have the following specialist services for Contractor’s, locums, consultant, Small businesses and freelancers, due to the nature of business and tax legislation which effect many companies in this field such as IR35 and S660a.

The considerable experience we have gained over the years as contractor’s make up a large proportion of our client base, means we can advise you on the best way to maximise your net take home pay.

Our monthly fee for the below services is £94 per month payable by standing order.

Setting Up Your Business

  • Form a Limited company at Companies House or set up your business for free
  • Register your business for PAYE.
  • Register your business for VAT.
  • Register your business for Corporation Tax or Business Tax.
  • Register your business for the VAT Flat Rate Scheme.
  • Assist with opening a Business bank account within five working days with Cater Allen.
  • Assist with finding Professional Indemnity insurance, Public liability and Employers liability insurance.
  • Produce and estimate of your potential profit and tax liabilities.
  • Free IR35 Contract review provided you pay a full twelve months fees ( normally £130)

Monthly Accountancy Services

  • Operate your payroll with payslips for each employee.
  • Calculate and issue a profit statement
  • Produce dividend calculations
  • PAYE advice on payments and online filing with HMRC including RTI ( Max 2 employees)
  • Bank Reconciliation

Quarterly Accountancy Services

  • Preparation of VAT returns, advice on payments and online filing with HMRC
  • PAYE advice on payments and online filing with HMRC including RTI ( Max 2 employees)

Annual Accountancy Services

  • Issue and file P14's/P60 & P35 with HMRC.
  • Issue and file P11d & P11d(b) with HMRC.
  • Calculate and advise of Class 1A NIC payments.
  • Prepare & file annual accounts with HMRC.
  • Prepare & file Corporation Tax return (CT600) with HMRC.
  • Prepare accounts for Companies House.
  • Prepare Companies House Annual Return (AR01).
  • Personal Tax Return for two directors, if received by 31st October after the end of the tax year. A small charge may apply if you join part way through the tax year.

Ongoing Accountancy Services

  • Dedicated Accountant including their direct phone number & email address.
  • Unlimited telephone & email support, guaranteed reply within 24 hours and same day if before 4PM.
  • Ongoing book-keeping.
  • Produce dividend vouchers and board minutes.
  • Deal with any general HMRC correspondence and queries.
  • Advise Companies House of company changes.
  • Deal with change of address for the company and director.
  • Mortgage & tenancy references.
  • Complete National Statistical Office questionnaires.
  • Deal with HMRC investigations where we have done the work, provided you have followed our advice and not concealed anything from us.
  • Use our address as your registered office.
  • If you move to another accountant we do not make a charge for this we just ask for one month’s notice.

What Must You Do?

  • Send us your sales invoices
  • Send us copies of your bank statements
  • Send us your expenses form or send us your receipts
  • Respond to letters and e-mails from us
  • Pay your fees each month.

In order for us to set up your limited company we would need to ask you to complete a form which will detail the company name, directors/shareholders details etc. We will also need to see a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill.

It usually takes a few hours to form a company, once this has been done we will then send you out a client pack containing all of the forms needed to register you and the company with the Inland Revenue.

The company formation is free of charge if you remain with us for a full twelve months with all fees paid (normally £70).

Free IR35 Contract Review if you remain with us for a full twelve months with all fees paid (Normally costs £130).